Monday, April 4, 2011

 Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves 
 James M Barrie

Hi Everyone!

 The word is out ~ I'm so excited!! My enthusiasm for the magic of Green Smoothies is spreading!
 It all starts there ~ just a simple little thing. Amazing ~ miraculous ~ delicious. Once I introduced  greens into my body the changes occurred naturally. Here's a few facts that I've gathered about the benefits of drinking Green Smoothies.

Weight loss comes naturally!
When you fill your body nutrient dense foods all the rest falls into place. Green smoothies are full of nutrients,vitamins & minerals that your body requires daily. They are high in amino acids and a good source of protein.Once I started drinking  2 green smoothies a day my food choices began to change towards healthier foods. This was key for me because I rarely ate anywhere close to the 5-8 servings that is recommended.

Reduces or eliminates cravings for junk food  After a couple weeks I noticed I no longer even thought about salty or sweet junk foods. I  was amazed that any cravings were gone. 

Fiber  ~  Fiber keeps you full and satisfied.It also helps with elimination. Being full & satisfied is really important to me! When I'm full and satisfied I'm happy!  Now when I am finished with eating food doesn't enter my mind until my next meal .Now I eat when I am hungry.
Elimination is so important for our bodies because we are ridding ourselves of the toxins built up in our bodies. 

Increased Energy ~ I noticed the change in my energy level within the first few weeks. I am sleeping less hours a night yet  feeling fully rested. Now instead of sitting around like I use to, I am always running here and there, involved in all kinds of classes or events ~ there is never enough time in the day!

Mental Clarity ~ my concentration has improved greatly & I feel much more clear headed.

Radiant Skin ~ People say I have a healthy glow! That's because drinking green smoothies improves  digestion helping to  rid  the body of toxins, resulting in healthier skin. Also my nails are stronger and my hair is growing faster. 

Most important is overall improved health ~ I've never been healthier in my life!

Get your greens on :)

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