Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What a fabulous day we've been blessed with today! I dusted off my bike and went for a ride down to the water ~ took a little walk on the beach and even soaked up a few rays. This is my kind of weather :)

The history of Green Smoothies

 I was digging around in my folders full of info and found a few wonderful videos that are interesting informative and inspirational. I was so excited to find these!
The first is is Victoria Boutenko telling us just how green smoothies came to be. She's the woman who first found a way to get those glorious greens into our bodies in a tasty way.What an amazing woman! These videos are fantastic and well worth the time to watch if you are interested in adding glorious green smoothies into your life! 
Thank you Victoria :)

Not sure about which greens to choose when shopping for your green smoothie ingredients? Here's a great video by the Boutenko family explaining lots of different greens that can be used in a smoothie. It's important that you rotate your greens if you are drinking smoothies regularly. Leafy greens have a tiny amount of alkaloids in them that act as a defense mechanism for themselves in nature. If ingested regularly for long amounts of time they can act as a poison in your body ~ not enough to be concerned about! But  it's best for your immune system and  health to rotate them weekly, even if it's just between kale and spinach. But as you'll see in the video there are plenty of glorious greens to choose from!

If you're looking for a little inspiration you have to watch Clent's video!
 Clent lost 226 lbs and reversed diabetes by eating a raw food diet and drinking green smoothies. The green smoothies were an important tool in his weight loss and to finding his healthy happiness!

 Introducing green smoothies into my diet has changed my life...
I've found great health and happiness & have never felt better! 
Nutritious & Delicious ~ Get your greens on today   :)

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