Monday, April 18, 2011

 The magic of Green Smoothies!!

I've received lots of great feedback on Facebook and email from friends that have begun adding green smoothies into their diet since I started this blog and I am THRILLED to hear how wonderful everyone's feeling   :)
I am passionate about spreading the joy I feel and the message about the benefits of nurturing yourself with real foods.. Nourishing my body with nutritious greens, fruits and vegetables has been the kindest thing I've ever done for myself and the benefits have been enormous ~ life changing!! 
I've now lost 111 lbs, have lots of energy  and have never felt better :)
Adding green smoothies to  my lifestyle was easy and delicious and the wonderful changes occurred almost immediately. I want everyone to reap the enormous benefits that come from these simple changes ~ the rest comes naturally...

Here are some of the exciting comments I've received lately...

 "Green smoothies. Almost as weird and awesome as chia seeds. I'm definitely going to have to play with the recipe. I lost my ginger, much to my chagrin, so I didn't put that in and I have agave nectar rather than honey. i think I'd rather use honey. It smells heavenly, like rolling around in a meadow right after a rain storm in June. The texture is frothy, delightful and light, but slightly gritty. I think I need to add an extra banana and blend a little longer. It was definitely worth drinking. I think they'll be making a daily appearances in my life. ;o) So exciting"

"Well today marks one full week and I just wanted to thank you so much for all you are doing. I am down 7 pounds which is unheard of for me. I have a thyroid condition and as you know the auto immune disease so I can gain weight like a sumo but I have never been able to lose more then a pound or two at the very most. I have tired Jennie Craig for one year 6 lbs, Nutri system for 6 months 2 pounds, Weight watchers for 10 months 4 pounds, and I even tired the lap band I lost 5 lbs and then gained 55. Who would of thunk it that these mossy green smoothies would get me going! I am not a warm fuzzy person but lady, I would so hug you right now. Thank you for being such a font of information and taking the time and energy to share you wealth of knowledge them all of us."

"So, my typical grocery run before this past week consisted of a few fruits and vegetables, which inevitably got thrown out because I didn't eat them fast enough..this week, I had quite a full fridge of fruits and veggies...time to stock up again, because most of it is gone! And the likes of Quinoa, Wheat Berries, Almonds, Walnuts and Raisins my new staple snack food? Who'da thunk it! Feeling good (thanks, Kathy ♥)"

  • "Hi Kathy! Spring is here and I'm attempting to trim off winter's fat. I went green 10 days ago and lost 6 lbs.! I'd been going to the Y, but unless you change your diet, the weight loss is much slower ... all that processed food and starches, yuck. I want to give you credit for jump starting my brain in the right direction"

    "the weight that we are dropping by just adding green smoothies.... so satisfying and filling...Kathy is right, those cravings for sugary things are a thing of the past...lovin' it!"

    "this is not work doing this; its amazing how your body just responds when it's receiving all the right stuff..."

    Huge thanks to everyone for sharing their enthusiasm and successes with me! It means the world to me to know I'm making a little difference by keeping up this blog!

      let's keep these good green vibes flowing ~ perhaps pass them on to someone you love  :)

    Health & Happiness 


  1. Hey Kathy!
    Thanks again for doing this. Went to Whole Foods and came home with Quinoa flour (there's some studies linking autoimmune diseases like lupus to wheat allergies so I figured it's worth a shot), Quinoa, and Chia seed. Making chia seed pudding, but your recipe says 1 cup liquid to 2 TB seeds and the chia seed bag says 1 cup liquid to 4 TB seeds. Do you like a thinner consistency or do you think it's just variations in the recipe? Been taste-testing it while it thickens - it's really good (yes, read surprise in that comment)!

  2. Hi Kate!
    The chia seeds expand to 9x their size in liquid so I hope it didn't come out too thick. But no worries, chia is sooo versatile, just add in some more almond milk and stir. Let me know how it came out!
    The chia cereal is also really good,it's one of my favorites! It gives me lots of energy and so easy to whip up.
    I'm so glad you are trying the quinoa too.I love it! It's full of protein & I just love the fluffy texture.You can add any spice or veggies to it or just have it alone. Quinoa also makes a really nice breakfast food. I like to add a little honey,walnuts,fruit & cinnamon and warm it up just a little. Delish!
    I love recipe sharing so I hope you'll post some of yours here :)
    Thanks for posting ~ I'm so glad you like the info!!

    (I'm sorry I missed you earlier to answer your question. I'm usually on here quite often but tonight I was working on some tech stuff for the blog :)



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