Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sharing the Green Smoothie Magic!

The green smoothie magic is spreading!  
 I see it all around me   :)

 Slowly but surely the word is getting out that there is something truly special about green smoothies. Drinking a green smoothie is like drinking liquid sunshine.You can feel the green goodness filling you up with a nourishment your body craves, creating an almost euphoric feeling of over all well being. This feeling radiates from you once you begin a daily routine of sipping your greens. You glow from the inside out, your skin radiates health and your eyes become brighter. Energy levels you never knew possible become the norm and life seems happier and more peaceful. You will begin to experience a confidence that only comes from knowing that you are taking good care of your body, something many of us struggle with at one time or another in our lives. This confidence leads to making healthier food choices, causing you to think twice before eating something that will diminish that great feeling!
All this from simply drinking green smoothies?  Yes, Absolutely!  I have been sharing my green smoothies with friends for quite awhile now and seeing these things happening for them gives me such joy! I knew I was on to something when I began to experience all these things, but watching all my friends reaping these same benefits really validates the magic of greens....

Sharing the green smoothie magic ~ one person at a time!!

 My friend Angelo! He's 87 years young and began blending up his own smoothies just 3 weeks ago. He wanted to lose a little weight and knew that I had great success with them. Already he is sleeping much better, has more energy and is slowly coming back to life after recently losing his sweetheart of many years. He is overjoyed at how great he is feeling after a mere 3 weeks. Yesterday he shyly confided in me that his pants had fallen down around his ankles! I thought it was time for him to step on the scale and see just how much weight he had actually lost. Angelo had tears in his eyes when I looked up at him after checking the scale to tell him that he had dropped 12 pounds! Chia seed cereal has been another addition to Angelo's daily routine. Not long after he began drinking the green drinks he began to lose his taste for his heavier lunches and asked what he could substitute. He now enjoys a daily lunch of chia cereal, munches on fruit throughout the day and nightly salads have become the norm.
Angelo is one very happy man and I couldn't be more thrilled for him!

 Patrick is one of my many friends that are enjoying green smoothies at Fedex where I work. Every morning I make up several jars of smoothies and let me tell you ~ we are one bunch of healthy happy people! We had a group of employees that used to work at our station come to visit with us last week. The green smoothie glow was so obvious to these friends that hadn't seen us in so long. Our healthy glow and vibrant energy is just so evident, everyone wanted to know our secret!

What a great testimony to the magic of green smoothies!

Here's a picture a friend sent me while wheeling out in the middle of the woods. 
There's her green smoothie sitting on the tire!  How cool is that?  Have smoothies ~ will travel.

I've shared this next picture before but it really excites me to be spreading the smoothie love with everyone! I feel such a sense of gratitude from knowing that I am making a little bit of difference in my little corner of the world. 
We all play our part, no matter how large or small. 
Hearing everyone's stories of  the healthy happiness they've discovered by adding green smoothies into their days is absolutely one of life's

Simple Pleasures!

My Green Smoothie Magic

2 handfuls of baby spinach leaves
or 4 leaves of kale
1/2 " piece fresh ginger
1 large cucumber
2 stalks of celery
1 large apple
1/2 pear
(1 banana if you prefer it sweeter)
approx 2 cups water

Yields one blender pitcher full

Blend & Enjoy!!

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