Saturday, December 10, 2011

Green Smoothie Magic!

Happy December once again!

Much of this post is a repeat from last December, but it seems fitting to give it top billing one more time. Green Smoothies are quite the rage these days, their time has finally come! 
I want to offer this inspiration and information for the many people that are interested in beginning their own Green Smoothie journey. I know lots of people that are venturing down this healthy path  and have requested some info to get them started! I have added a few new things to the post, so take a peek even if you've seen this before. Perhaps it will renew your interest in adding green smoothies into your days too!!

  I love sharing all the simple joys that have come in to my life as a results of my new found healthy lifestyle. I've never felt healthier or happier in all my life and want everyone interested to reap the same benefits I now enjoy too.

  I'm an interactive kind of gal and I've learned that blogs are often not an interactive type of forum. Does this mean that nobody reads it or enjoys the recipes or learns a little something new?  For a while I just wasn't sure!

 So I took a step back and asked for a little guidance from the Universe  :)
Never underestimate the power of prayer, it never ceases to amaze me how quickly the answers come when I am open to receiving them!

 In just the past week suddenly people are reaching out for info left and right! Friends, friends of friends and coworkers and people I am just meeting are requesting green smoothie recipes, food ideas and inspiration. I've received emails requesting my blog link and thanking me for sharing my experiences here.  Isn't life funny? This has given me the enthusiasm I was hoping for, to rekindle my passion for sharing what I love and believe in!

 I am going to begin with sharing the tips and information that I have found helpful along the way. This is one of life's simple pleasures!

Green smoothies have changed my life, opening up a whole new world of vibrant health and well being!  This simple little addition to your daily routine can do the same for you. Most people do not get enough greens in their diet today and they are filled with nutrients that our bodies require. Often when we are craving all the unhealthy foods that we do, it is really because of this nutrient deficiency. Once you begin to nourish your body with nutrient dense foods, the cravings disappear and healthier food choices become the natural next step. These changes occur slowly but surely with no effort whatsoever!

 It so amazingly simple to add green smoothies into your day and reap all the wonderful benefits. Some of the benefits I found soon after drinking them were increased energy, freedom from junk food cravings, better digestion and elimination and the most exciting was that my excess weight began to fall off effortlessly! 

Here are some excellent videos about the amazing healing power of Green Smoothies that are interesting, informative and inspirational.   Enjoy!

The history of Green Smoothies

 The first  is Victoria Boutenko telling us just how green smoothies came to be. She is the woman who first found a way to get those glorious greens into our bodies in a tasty way.What an amazing woman! These videos are fantastic and well worth the time to watch if you are interested in adding glorious green smoothies into your life! 
Thank you Victoria :)

Not sure about which greens to choose when shopping for your green smoothie ingredients? Here's a great video by the Boutenko family explaining lots of different greens that can be used in a smoothie. It's important that you rotate your greens if you are drinking smoothies regularly. Leafy greens have a tiny amount of alkaloids in them that act as a defense mechanism for themselves in nature. If ingested regularly for long amounts of time they can act as a poison in your body ~ not enough to be concerned about! But  it's best for your immune system and  health to rotate them weekly, even if it's just between kale and spinach. But as you'll see in the video there are plenty of glorious greens to choose from!

Dan McDonald  The Life Regenerator and his awesome videos were my first introduction to the world of Green Smoothies!

If you are looking to be entertained, enthused and inspired, I highly recommend watching Dan's videos on You tube or check out his website!

If you're looking for a little inspiration you have to watch Clent's video!
 Clent lost 226 lbs and reversed diabetes by eating a raw food diet and drinking green smoothies. The green smoothies were an important tool in his weight loss and to finding his healthy happiness!

Let me show you how easy it really is to blend your own green smoothie!

Simple Green Smoothie Recipe

2 handfuls baby spinach leaves
2 celery stalks
1 cucumber
1 or 2 apples   (I love granny smiths)
2 cups water


Below is the Green Smoothie recipe that I enjoy the most
and am also making for many friends on a daily basis these days!
It is very similar to the recipe above, but has a couple new ingredients that
give it just a little more zing and seems to be a winning combination!!


Favorite Green Smoothie Recipe!

2 handfuls of baby spinach leaves 
3 large kale leaves

2 stalks celery (one if you are not a fan!)

1 large cucumber (skin on)

1/2 inch piece of fresh peeled ginger

1 large apple

1/2 pear

2 cups water 
(more or less for desired thickness!)

Want it a little sweeter? 
Add 1 banana or a whole pear

Blend & Enjoy!!

This makes one blender full
I like to use mason jars for my smoothies

This yield 4 ~ 16 oz jars
2 ~ 32 oz  jars

This recipe has been a hit with the many people I share it with.
I also make these for lots of friends on a daily basis and I am thrilled to say that
they are all having the same amazing results that I have had.
Whether it is weight loss, more energy or an amazing feeling of well being that you are looking for
Green Smoothies are sure to do just that!!

Introducing green smoothies into my diet has changed my life in
so many wonderful ways!
I wish the same vibrant health & joy
for all of you!!

Simple ~ Nutritious & Delicious 
Get your greens on today   :)


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