Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm always so excited about learning new things!
Last night I learned all about Seaweed:)

It was another fun and informative class at Catch A Healthy Habit! Amie Hall, Health Coach and owner of Healthy Living From Your Inside Out was the guest speaker. She taught a really interesting, fun class on Sea veggies. Amie's enthusiasm about these nutritious whole foods was infectious. Afterwards she created a fabulous Arame Slaw that was as gorgeous as it was delicious. I can't wait to start adding these sea delights to my diet! I bought some dulse, one of the many types of seaweed, to nibble on, or add it to soups and salads. 

Here's just some of the valuable information on sea veggies that Amie shared.

 Sea veggies contain all the minerals needed for health and have 10 to 20 times the minerals and nutrients of land vegetables. When added to your diet they will help you feel more grounded. They will beautify your skin, hair and and nails. There many health benefits of eating sea veggies too. Just to name a few: they are detoxifying , improve digestion, counteract obesity, have anti aging properties and oh there's so much more. They can transform your health!!
What's NOT to get excited about?

Having never eaten sea veggies before, I had no idea what to expect. I loved the earthy taste of what we sampled and look forward to making them a regular addition to my meals.

Big thanks to Amie for allowing me to share her recipe of this delicious Arame Slaw :)

© Copyright 2008 From Your Inside Out, All rights reserved
Amie Hall, CHHC, AADP,

½ - ¾ cup (approximately) dried arame sea vegetable:  Place in small bowl and add a little bit of water, toss and let soak to soften.  Set aside at least 15 minutes.

Put in medium size mixing bowl:
3 carrots, grated by hand or in food processor
¼ head of cabbage, coarsely chopped (white or purple)
3 – 4 scallions, thin sliced on diagonal
¼ cup or more sesame seeds, gently toasted in dry skillet
½ cup sliced almonds, gently toasted in dry skillet (optional)

Add softened sea vegetable to above.

Dress with:
1 Tbsp. brown rice vinegar
2 – 3 Tbsp. toasted sesame oil
2 tsp. agave nectar
Sea salt, to taste

*Kitchen Freedom Tip: Hiziki sea vegetable also works well.  Feel free to add in more scallion or adjust any of the above quantities.  Sesame seeds and almonds are optional, but really bring balance and satisfaction to this crisp summer salad!

Sesame seeds are high in calcium!
Sea veggies have  10 – 20 times the minerals and nutrients as land veggies.


  1. Kathy, Tynne here from Catch A Healthy Habit !
    I have 3 of those spouters in my kitchen sprouting red clover , fenugreek , and a salad mix.
    I just wanted to put a post under the sea weed with a warning about hijiki. Anyone can google the dangers of Arsenic in hijiki to learn more about it .Center for food safety WARNS against people eating it , it is even in wikipedia, but the media has done a great job to keep this one under wraps.... on a good not , hijiki is expensive and doesnt taste good anyway !!! So Be Aware , and put love and positive energy into your food !

  2. Tynne :)
    Thanks for that info on hijiki, I wasn't aware of that! I didn't go into too much detail on any of the sea veggies since it was my first experience with them.So glad you posted that..
    I love love love my sprouter! I just ordered a second one :) My favorite is a mix of broccoli,alfalfa,crimson,clover & radish ~ it's got a nice bite to it!!


  3. Hi Kathy ! Chanced upon your blog when I while I was in a pretty excited state . Thus causing me to type , "I am always excited , why is this so ?" in google , and landed here . :]

    Nice blog you have I suppose you blog about many good foodie stuff right ? Hope you will be back to blog ASAP so I can hear from you too !

    Cheers , Lester .

    By the way , i write articles , do check my blog out at and tell me how they are , ok ?! See ya !

  4. Hi Lester! What a cool way to have stumbled upon my humble little blog :)
    Isn't great to get excited about stuff! That's why my blog is called simple pleasures... It's about the joys in life I've discovered as I found a healthier lifestyle and lost a great deal of weight in the process... I'll check out your blog and will be sure to follow up! I love learning new things :)
    be well!

  5. Kathy, thank you for the nice write up! David Wolfe is a huge promoter of sea veggies and I am just so happy to be a New Englander where I can be near the sea and appreciate our sea veggie harvester's.
    Congratulations to you on your significant accomplishment. YOU are infectious when you share your story and your enthusiasm.
    Hugs, and sea you at the next event!

  6. Thank you Amie!! I loved your event on sea veggies and have incorporated them into my life ever since. Looking forward to seeing you soon too!!! Thank you for dropping by my blog :)




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