Monday, April 11, 2011

It's wonderful to see the sunshine and feel some warmth today  :)
I really come alive in the warm weather ~ that makes me happy!

 I want to share a little about one of the many people in the health and wellness field that have influenced me along my way... I thought I'd touch on each of them at one time or another here ~ each has something special to offer. All have touched me on my health and happiness path in one way or another.

 Are you familiar with Gary Null? 
 Gary is a leading authority on natural health and nutrition.Gary has guided and inspired generations of people to adopt healthier lifestyles with his many bestselling books and radio talk shows. He believes, as I've come to believe also, that eating the most nutritious, vitamin rich foods available help us to achieve our best health.
He has been a big influence on me in my journey. I think he's an amazing man, a wealth of information, sharing passionately all his beliefs...... 
 One of the first things I read last year was Gary's book "Gary Null's Power Foods". What a great book, especially for my transition into the healthier lifestyle.
In this book he lists what he considers to be his "15 Power Foods" ~  foods he considers to be the most nutrient dense and have a specific, positive influence on your overall health. The foods are all incorporated into a cookbook. He's spelled out breakfast, lunch & dinners suited for vegetarians, vegans and raw foodists.
Something for everyone!!

 What's worked for me personally along the way & works for me now has been a constant evolution. Gary's work was introduced to me early on along my path & greatly influenced me as I grew and learned. One thing I've learned to do along the way is to "take what I need and leave the rest".... Words of wisdom ... This practice has worked well for me, guiding me to decide for myself just out what my body requires for ultimate health & happiness....

Gary's basic rules for optimum nutrition :
Eat Organic products
Eat nuts & nut butters
Eat whole grains & beans
Avoid meat & shellfish
Avoid dairy
Avoid caffeine & alcohol
Avoid sugar and artificial sweeteners
Avoid deep fried & processed foods
Avoid food additives, preservatives and MSG
Drink plenty of water

Gary's List of 15 Power Foods ~ Chosen for their proven health benefits and versatility in the kitchen:
Shiitake mushrooms
Leafy greens !! :)
Whole grains

So if you are considering a healthier lifestyle change, want to explore some nutritionally packed recipes or just
are looking for a little guidance to health and well being ~ This or any of Gary's books are a GREAT place to start. He also has a wonderful website! The link is to the right of this page.

If you try any of these recipes or want to share any of your own ~ I'd love to hear about them :)


  1. Kathy, the good news is that I now have 13 of Gary's 15 power foods! The bad news, I have a lot of work to do on the rules for optimum nutrition, particularly in the "avoid" area. :) Thanks to you, I will get there, eventually!

  2. Wow Tricia ~ 13 that's awesome!! No bad news here :)
    Although I posted Gary's optimum nutrition list ~ it was never an actual goal I set out to do... It just happened over time ~ because of the healthier ADDITIONS I made... sounds like you're doing the same!! :)
    Yay ~ so happy to see you here!!

  3. gary is the best.i discovered him over 10 years ago.he has never steered me wrong.



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