Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Coconut Almond Yogurt! (Non Dairy)

It's the end of August and my favorite month just flew right by! I haven't spent much time on the computer this month. Instead of writing about life, I was just so busy living it!

How could I forget how much fun it is to go barefoot in the yard and run under the hose? 
Today I was watering my garden and the hose burst! My first thought was, oh geez, I'm getting all wet. Whahhhhh....  :)
But then I threw off my sandals and immediately felt free, like a little kid. My toes in the grass, warm water from the hose soaking my clothes, sun on my face, and I was loving it!
Playing in the backyard! 
One of the simple pleasures of summer!

This month I had the honor and delight of sharing my story alongside Dave the Raw Food Trucker   at a couple of our local raw/vegan restaurants. I was nervous about speaking, yet it always seems that what's meant to come out of my mouth, does. I get so excited about sharing the healing power of green smoothies that after a few minutes I forgot my fears. It's amazing the confidence it builds for me to step out of my comfort zone, put myself aside and just talk about what I am passionate about!

Even more exciting was speaking on my own recently!
I was invited by a friend to speak with her church group up in Waterbury. It was my first time flying solo and it couldn't have been a more rewarding experience. There was a good crowd, about 30 people. Everyone was lovely and very receptive. There was a terrific raw pot luck before hand, what a nice spread! After I spoke, which was great fun, we had a Q & A session and then a smoothie demo. I can't thank my friend Nan enough for having such faith in me, organizing such a wonderful even and introducing me to the nicest people ever. She gave me the opportunity to spread my wings and see for myself just what I am capable of. It was a great experience and such an amazing night!

The feedback I received from people looking to renew their own healthy happiness was fabulous!
 It's a wonderful feeling to know that I may have inspired even one person to incorporate more fruits & veggies into their days and begin their own personal, healthy journeys. I think it's important to stress that "going 100% raw"  does not have to be anyone's goal. What's most important is eliminating the processed junk foods and replacing them with fresh fruits & veggies. That's a great place to start and what better way than to add a green smoothie into your day!

Onto my next favorite subject ~ food!

One food that I had been missing lately is yogurt. It was a favorite of mine back when I was still eating dairy and I knew that I had to find a way to get it back into my life! 
And that I did!!

Here's a wonderful recipe that I now enjoy daily. It only requires 3 ingredients plus a spoonful of probiotic powder. It takes minutes to prepare and is so beneficial to  your tummy health as well as being just plain yummy!!


Coconut Almond Yogurt

2 cups raw almonds 
(soak overnight & rinse first)

meat of 2 or 3 coconuts 

2 1/2 cups of coconut water

1 tsp of a good probiotic

1 tsp vanilla powder or extract 
(optional but delicious!)

Simple ~ Nutritious ~ Delicious

Here's a little video I made while whipping up a batch.
I hope it's helpful!

Most people will use the coconut meat from opening and removing the meat from inside the coconut. I found that because I enjoy this yogurt regularly, that it was easier for me to purchase my coconut meat flash frozen in bulk at exotic superfoods!
In the picture above I drizzled a little honey on the yogurt and added fresh raspberries.
Here I blended the yogurt with strawberries. 
The yogurt will have a bit of a bite because it is fermented, but the taste has really grown on me!
 It's nice blended or topped with fruit but it is really very yummy just as it is!
*~* Enjoy *~*


  1. mrs c you rock.

    1. Ant, you're the best!! Thanks for your sweet comment :)



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