Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring, Smoothies & Thai Cabbage Salad

Happy Spring!

 Spring is finally showing it's face here in Connecticut! It's been a long winter and I am ready to go outside and play! I am a summer girl, thriving on warmth and an abundance of sunshine. Today my windows are open to let the fresh air in and the birds are in the yard singing with joy :)
I am singing right along with them!!

 As I began to write this blog post I noticed that I started this blog four years ago today! Although my time is much more limited than when I first started writing, I still enjoy sharing recipes and little healthy tidbits whenever possible. Nothing has changed as far as my dedication to enjoying a diet rich in raw, living foods, green smoothies and fresh green juice. My husband, two sisters and many of my friends have also chosen to go the same route, all to varying degrees. Everyone agrees that the green smoothies are the foundation of this lifestyle and was what lead them down this healthier path, just as they did for me! I have become known as the green smoothie gal locally, and I love the sound of that :)  My passion for the healing power of greens is more alive than ever and I am dedicated to getting the word out anywhere and everywhere! This weekend I will be doing a smoothie demo and sharing my story at our local Earth Day Celebration. I'm so excited!! People are open and eager for information, now more than ever. Who doesn't want to feel younger, have more energy, feel vibrant, happy & healthy? It all starts with drinking a green smoothie daily then let the magic begin!

Ok, let's talk food!

I thought I would post my favorite Green Smoothie recipe that I will be sharing at the Earth Day Celebration, in case anyone is looking for it afterwards. I also want to share an awesome Thai Cabbage Salad recipe that I have been making quite a bit lately. The recipe is based on a video that Markus Rothkranz posted on Youtube. If you are not familiar with Markus, I recommend a look at his website and all that he shares. I have taken this recipe to several raw food potlucks and also my family's Easter dinner and it is definitely a winner! There are not really any measurements but I will give my best guesstimates on the few simple ingredients. Be creative, adjust it to your taste and most important, put a lot of love into your efforts and enjoy the outcome  :)

My Favorite Green Smoothie

1 handful baby spinach leaves
1 large leaf of kale
1 cucumber  
1 stalk celery
1/4 inch piece of fresh ginger 
1 apple
1/2 ripe pear
approx. 2 1/2 cups of water (depending on your blender)

do not peel anything, the skins are full of nutrition!

This yields one 64 oz blender full 

Begin with leafy greens and water & blend
add cut up cucumber & blend
add celery & blend

Continue until all ingredients are blended smoothly
top off with more water if needed to fill the blender to the top

Add LOVE & Enjoy!!

Spicy Thai Cabbage Salad


One red cabbage 
One bunch of scallions
1/2 cup of raisins
2 oranges segmented
1 cup raw cashews
Apple Cider Vinegar ( approx. 1/8 cup)
Sesame Seed Oil ( approx 1/4 cup) start with less!
Hot chili oil (couple shakes.... to taste)

If you are not concerned with keeping this recipe raw 
you can use toasted sesame oil which is very tasty too!

Chop red cabbage and put in a large bowl
Add sliced scallions to cabbage
Add apple cider vinegar, sesame oil and chili oil ~ stir 
Toss in raisins, oranges and cashews & toss lightly

Time for a taste test!!

If you prefer it spicier just add a little more hot chili oil
Too dry? Add more sesame oil

Add Lots of Love & Enjoy!!

Eat slowly ~ always enjoy your food ~ infuse it with Love!

*~* Hugs *~*

Kathy  :)


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