Saturday, April 9, 2011

A man is but the product of his thought ~ What he thinks, he becomes 
 Mohandas K. Gandhi

   As much as I enjoy the internet and all the valuable information available at my fingertips ~ I truly am a book lover at heart.There's just something about the feel of a book, the titles and covers call my name as much as the content. I was looking through some of the books that have been really helpful over the past year in regards to healthy living and thought I'd share a few of them here today. Each one has a little something of their own to offer yet all share the common theme of optimum health ~ whatever that means for you :)

Green Smoothie Revolution ~ Victoria Boutenko

Raw Family Signature Dishes ~ Victoria Boutenko

The Juicing Bible ~ Pat Crocker 

Raw Food Made Easy ~ Jennifer Cornbleet

Gary Null's Power Foods

Crazy Sexy Diet ~ Kris Carr

Becoming Vegan ~ Brenda Davis

The Kind Diet ~  Alicia Silverstone

For Women Only! ~ Gary Null & Barbara Seaman

Living Foods for Optimum Health ~ Brian Clement

Enjoy !!


  1. food rules, by michael pollan! simple things we've all heard, nice reminder, like fortune cookie messges.

  2. Thanks Mark! I'll be sure to check that out :)



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