Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November News and Healthy Banana "Ice Cream" !

Hello and welcome to my blog!

 I hope that you enjoy the content that I share here, it comes from my heart. What I have learned and am still learning these past few years has transformed my life in more ways than I can describe. I want that for you, for everyone! The food that we nourish our bodies with can either leave us feeling lethargic and heavy or light and energetic. It can improve and renew our health or it can cause us disease, unhappiness and pain. We truly are what we eat. It's amazing to me how simple that really is. Until you actually feel the difference in your own body, the statement does not have as much impact on you. I know that was true for me. I spent most of my life on one diet or another, but not one of them lead me to the health and happiness that I enjoy today. I feel years younger, have more energy than I know what to do with and have had barely a sniffle in almost 4 years. This is a miracle after being quite overweight and sick for so many years. I feel blessed to have discovered a lifestyle that I love and loves me back! Fresh fruits, veggies and lots of leafy greens in their natural state are the mainstay of my diet. In my blog I have shared lots of  delicious ways to enjoy these foods. My motto is simple, Nutritious, delicious! I love to keep it simple.

 I have been really busy these past few months, sharing about the benefits of green smoothies, making them for others and watching them transform lives all around me! My hubby, sisters and nieces have all added them into their days with fabulous results. An elderly woman I make smoothies for had lost her appetite and was not getting much food in. Now she is getting her nutrition in daily and loving the smoothies! One of my dear friends has recently learned that her tumor has not grown in the past year that she has been drinking her greens! Cholesterol is improving, joint pain is easing up and everyone's digestion is improving! This is just the tip of the iceberg. The benefits of something so humble and simple will never cease to amaze me. Once you start getting Mother Nature's abundance into your body, the magic begins to happen. Whether your goal is weight loss, renewed health or simply feeling better every day, start adding one into your days and see where it takes you! I promise you won't be disappointed!! 

 Soon I will have a new website up and I invite you all to stop by and say hello! For now it is a work in progress but I hope to be up and running soon. Green Smoothie Magic will tie in my blog, youtube channel and offer weekly recipes and info to help you on your own journey.
I hope to see you there! 

A speckled banana is a sweet banana  :)

I recently purchased a whole case and I froze them all. 
It's so easy, just peel your bananas and store them in the freezer in a plastic Ziploc bag.
They're great to have on hand for when that craving for a little something
sweet hits.

 Love ice cream? Try this healthy alternative instead!
You can whip up a fabulous creamy 
"ice cream" by simply blending your frozen bananas.
Frozen bananas are a staple in my house :)

Sweet & Creamy Banana "Ice Cream"

Simply break up 2 (or more!) frozen bananas 
blend them up in either your
food processor or blender.
Add a touch of water if needed... 


A crazy delicious dessert that is healthy & simple!

It's super delicious just as it is 
or you can dress it up a little with your favorite raw nuts, berries, cinnamon...
whatever you're in the mood for.

Be creative ~ have fun with it!

Smooth & Creamy Banana Delight ~ A Simple Pleasure in life :)

Enjoy :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

3 Years of Healthy Happiness ~ Thriving on Glorious Greens!

Happy Anniversary to me!
Celebrating 3 years of  Healthy Happiness ~ Thriving on Green Goodness!

 The time has passed quickly and I'm still amazed at all the changes that have taken place during this time. I have learned so much about nourishing my body and I try to incorporate all that I've learned into my life. This is a lifelong journey and I love the path I'm on! It's been a wonderful 3 years full of growth, new experiences and whole lot of fun :)   And it all started with Green Smoothies!

At 54 I am the best me yet! I feel wonderful, better than I ever did when I was younger. Who would have ever thought?  :)
Not only am I half the size I was 3 years ago (which I am still trying to wrap my head around) but I am healthy... Really healthy! What a blessing this is. After a 20 year struggle with Lyme disease, I have been completely symptom free for 3 years now! In fact, I have not really been sick at all, not even a cold... Medication free too!  No more heavy duty doses of antibiotics, nor the prevacid which I took for years also. It simply amazes me that the food we eat truly does affect us in such profound ways. Also, I easily let go of my wine, which had become a daily habit and a very unhealthy one at that. I firmly believe all this was possibly because of the green smoothies!

 Adding green smoothies into my days started a wonderful chain of events that I was not prepared for. First, my palate changed, slowly but surely, and I completely lost my taste for junk and processed foods. What a surprise! I felt so energetic without these foods that I didn't miss them a bit! I started craving fruits and veggies and began eating them regularly. It surprised me how much I enjoyed them, because I was never a big fan of all those healthy foods. I grew up on canned veggies and the only green I was familiar with was iceberg lettuce. Suddenly I couldn't get enough of them. Fruits and veggies, along with my green smoothies, always kept me full and satisfied and I never, ever felt deprived. Along the way I let go of meat and eventually dairy because I just didn't feel well after eating them. They would just knock all the energy out of me. I eliminated foods that made me feel sluggish because I didn't want anything to get in the way of how amazing and alive I felt, and feel, to this day. It's that simple!

  For the past 3 years I've enjoyed a diet rich in whole living foods. Green smoothies, fresh green juice, fruits & salads are the mainstay of my diet. I love the way I eat now and feel this is exactly how I was meant to live! Today I feel balanced, centered and comfy in my own skin. These are things I have searched for my entire life..... I am so blessed!

                                                  Healthy & Happy ~ Life is good!
 Here's to another year of health & joy ~  Keeping it Simple & Keeping it Green!
*~* Hugs *~*


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