Wednesday, April 20, 2011

 Good Morning :)

 There are lot's of new people interested in green smoothies so I decided to post the information from last month about making them in a kitchen blender again.

Time to make a green smoothie!

Anyone can do it  :)
It's easy ~ have FUN with it ~ you can be creative ~ The main thing is to enjoy your green smoothie & get those greens in!!

There are so many different recipes for green smoothies out there ~ so many lovely choices of fruits and greens to pick from. Let's start with the one I began with and is still one of my favorites today. It's really simple to whip up. 

It's rich in nutrients ~ low in calories ~ extremely filling and really delicious!

                      You are going to need a blender.
I use a Vitamix , which is a high speed blender, but I didn't start with one in the beginning. It's not necessary to have the Vitamix! Your smoothie will just have a creamier consistency and you don't have to chop up your fruit. Using a regular kitchen blender is fine. You should chop up any firm fruits in smaller  pieces if you are using your kitchen blender.

I'm going to use a regular kitchen blender for this since that's what most people have...


  1 apple
  2 bananas   
  2 carrots 
 1 celery stalk
 1 peeled cucumber
 2 handfuls of spinach 
 1 1/2  cup of water

Wash everything really well  ~  slice your apple and carrots,cukes and celery to blend easily 

Directions ~ it's important not to add all ingredients at once ~ they won't blend properly
blend approx. 30 seconds each time

add 1 cup of water
all spinach .... Blend for about 30 seconds 

add carrots & blend 

add rest of water & blend

add apple slices & blend

add celery & blend    

add cucumber slices & blend

add bananas & blend until creamy   

 ** if you aren't a fan of bananas, pears are a nice subtle sweet fruit to substitute
** you can add a little raw honey as another way to sweeten it up
Feel free to add more fruit ~ any fruits ~ if you prefer it sweeter to start ~ your taste buds will ask for less and less fruit as you continue drinking them ~ I PROMISE!!!

***THANKS for all the wonderful feedback :) 
I'm passionate about the magic of green smoothies ~ It's so exciting to hear from everyone who's started enjoying them & reaping all the amazing benefits!!
  Feel free to ask any questions, share your thoughts or share your own green smoothie recipes ~ let's have some fun with this  :)

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