Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What brings me joy?
 I really love simple foods. I used to eat more conventional meals, but now I find I really prefer lighter foods. Because the greens, fruits and veggies are so nutritionally dense, I fill up quickly and am easily satisfied
.And because I'm satisfying my nutritional needs with these foods, I no longer have cravings for sugar, starch or processed foods.
A friend recently asked me if I missed sitting down to a full dinner. I still enjoy a traditional dinner, if I'm out to eat or on a special occasion, but usually I"m really quite happy with just a little something I've put together. Today I've posted some photos of these foods that I enjoy regularly :)

Last week my son gave me a half watermelon and I've been enjoying it every day. He passed along this simple little way he likes to serve it and I must say it makes eating it more enjoyable. He scoops the watermelon out with an ice cream scoop! Doesn't it look like watermelon sorbet?   
What's for dinner?
I used to think that salads were boring! I can not tell you how much fun I now have with dressing up my greens. I've been using a nice mix of spring greens and baby lettuce lately and my newest additions to salads have been dandelion greens. Apple or pear slices are a great addition, along with some amazing California raisins a friend shared with me. These raisins are like none I've ever had.
Usually I throw in raw sunflower seeds and a few raw nuts of one sort or another. Sliced almonds are nice and so are walnuts now and then. I love chives or scallions, both of which I'm trying my hand at growing, and of course a salad is not a salad without a beautiful, ripe tomato. I do my own sprouting now too ~ what fun! No salad is complete without a generous handful of sprouts!
Here are just a few of the truly delicious and nutritious salads I've been enjoying!!  :)

Salad Dressing
For me ~ the dressing completes the salad !
Here is a recipe that has quickly become my favorite 
  It's simple to make and add such zest to salad 

Orange balsamic Vinaigrette

2 Tbsp Balsamic vinegar
1/4 cup olive oil
juice of one orange ( approx 1/4 cup)
salt & pepper to taste
Mix it up and Enjoy!

You can find this recipe and many other healthy salad dressing recipes at this site

  *~*   I love keeping it simple & simply enjoying my food   *~*

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