Thursday, May 26, 2011

 Good Morning :)

 As I travel along my path of newfound health and happiness I'm learning so much about  myself and enjoying all that life has to offer. I have so much I want to pack into my life and still take the time for the simple little joys.
I'm trying to practice balance, but there's that part of me that just keeps adding to my list of things I want to experience ~ learn ~ do!!  It's quite a list  :)
 Lately I've been putting more effort into working out and firming up. It was too easy to be lax in that area during the colder months of wearing clothes that hide the need for a little extra attention in that area. Exercise has never been one of my favorite activities, but of course I know how important it is in the overall picture of health & wellbeing. So it's time to really focus on the next step of my journey!
 I started with some fun ways to get my body moving and find my motivation. Hula hooping is actually an excellent form of toning and it puts a smile on my face. Who would have thought! I've been dabbling in hooping now for a few years, mostly at festivals while listening to the music. Then I read about it's wonderful benefits and I've been practicing every day! I have a long way to go to really master the art of hooping but I sure am having fun along the next step of my journey :)

 Check out this great video by Hoopgirl..... Makes you want to run out and buy a hoop, doesn't it?

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