Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'll just give you a little background on how I came to enjoy all these healthy foods I now love so much. As I said, it all started with the green smoothies. Ahhh those green smoothies that everyone's been asking me about since I began drinking them.They aren't the prettiest looking things but they're surprisingly delicious.Anyone who's ever tried them were shocked, because all you really taste is the fruit.What exactly is a green smoothie? It's a blended mix of leafy greens such as spinach or kale mixed with any fruit that you choose. As long as your getting in those greens the changes begin. Not long after I started drinking them I noticed my palate changed. I no longer craved junk food, sugar or carbs. I was dropping pounds and I was pretty excited!
I started this blog in answer to all the questions I get about what I've been doing to become this healthier, happier me.There's just too much to share all at once so I thought this might be a fun place to start.
My son Brian has decided he would like to lose about 25 pounds and he came to me for a little guidance. That really makes me smile :)
He organized a "biggest loser" competition at work and a lot of his co workers are involved ~ that's pretty exciting right there!
We thought it would be nice to post what he's eating and the smoothies he's drinking along with step by step information along the way. We're going to prepare all the foods that have helped me along my journey and you can follow along with us :)

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