Thursday, September 29, 2011

Veggie Wraps & Musings :)

  Life has been such a whirlwind the past few months! Ever since the day that Dave the Raw Food trucker invited me to speak at the International day of juice feasting in Seattle it has been a juggling act.One foot in the world of living the life I feel I am meant to live and one foot in every day life as I know it. That is not to say that I don't enjoy my day to day life at all, I absolutely do! But once you discover your true passion in life and get a taste for living it, something shifts inside.Sharing my story and actually knowing that it is touching people and helping them along their own healthy, happy journey fulfills that little something inside I believe each of us are searching for. Spending a week surrounded by people that have found a way to do that and following their passions has had a profound effect on me. It was truly the most incredible experience to be immersed in the most joyous, loving vibes of so many happy,healthy people! Now I am back here on my blog finally to share and help inspire in my own little way! 

 The amazing energy of that week stays with me still, but each day I feel it slipping away just a little. It's time for me to make my own magic! I am not entirely sure where any of this is taking me and I trust that it will all fall into place as it should.
 Everything that has happened these past few months all began with taking a huge leap of faith and agreeing to travel to Seattle. I haven't been on a plane in 18 years, am not really versed in public speaking and was a tad bit intimidated to hobnob with so many people I have looked up to and have been inspired by along my journey. Saying yes to all that has been such a gift to myself. Flying was a breeze, speaking was a pleasure, regardless of how nervous I was. All the new friendships I made are a blessing! 
Although I feel a little like a fish out of water right now, that's alright. I am not the only one that had to return to their regular jobs and yet continue to follow our dreams too.Having published my ebook that walks you through my journey and shares all the recipes I enjoy, has opened yet another door that allows me to continue following my passion. Tonight I will be sharing once again on Cher Till's Blogtalk radio show, Healthy Shots another way of getting the word out and having fun doing it! It's tonight, Thursday Sept 29 at 8PM EST. come join us!
 When we were in Seattle we ate at several raw food restaurants that served delicious meals like I have never tasted before! I rarely take the time to prepare many food recipes, although they always look so good! Like everyone, I have my regulars each day ~ smoothies,juices, salads and occasionally I will venture out & try a new recipe. Enjoying the foods at Chaco Canyon, AmeRawcan Bistro & Thrive ignited a fire under me!

Here's a few recipes I've made since I have been home ~ aren't they beautiful? I'm loving the rainbow colors of my food and the energy they provide! I am having such fun digging in to all the recipes I have been tucking away for the past year.   :)

                                                                      Veggie Wraps!!

These were so easy to whip up and really delicious & satisfying!! Yummm  :)

Veggie Wraps

Collard Greens
sliced tomato
sliced cucumbers
shredded carrot
diced avocado

lime ginger spread

Fold the collard leave in half and slice along the stem in the middle, removing the stem... Leaving you with 2 halves of the leave.

Dice & slice the veggies and be sure to add any other veggie you enjoy ~ the more the merrier :)

Lime Ginger Spread

Juice of 1 lime
1/4 inch piece of ginger
pinch of sea salt
1/2 cup soaked raw cashews  (soaked about 1/2 hour in water to cover them)  it's not necessary to soak

Blend well in food processor until smooth....add a touch of water if needed for desired consistency

Lay out the collard green halves
spread the lime ginger sauce over them. (I left a hearty amount at one end also, it's so yummy!)
add your veggies to the leaves as in the picture up above
roll up and enjoy!
 I threw together these ingredients and ended up with this thick, luscious shake that tasted just like a Pina Colada!!  

Raw Pina Colada    

3 frozen bananas
2 cups pineapple chunks
2 cups coconut water
1 tbsp coconut oil

Blend just until smooth & enjoy!!

Have a Happy Healthy Day!!



  1. Looks yummy! Can't wait to try that spread.

  2. It was so delicious, I hope you like it!
    Thank you for stopping by Kimberly!!!


  3. The spread is delicious. I just wish I put more ginger.

  4. Anon, I agree! I'm going to put more in next time too! Probably double it...
    I was reading that a little bit of coconut oil in it is adds a nice taste too! I'm going to try that next time too :)



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