Friday, October 7, 2011

Sharing Joy!! :)

 This video sums up the magical energy of the International Day of Juicing so beautifully! I feel so blessed to have shared in this special event with so many wonderful people that have educated and inspired me along my journey. This video speaks volumes! It truly captures the pure joy that living this lifestyle offers each and every one of us. It was an experience I will never forget and will hold dear to my heart forever.

  Sharing in the joy of living this healthy happy lifestyle at the International Day of Juicing has been a life changing event for me! It has stayed with me day in and day out since I've gotten home. It's hard to capture the feelings of being immersed in such a powerful wave of  joyous energy, but I think this video captures it beautifully!! All my love to Dave the Raw Food Trucker for  encouraging me to fly out to share my story, convincing me I even HAD a story worth sharing & most of all having the faith in me that he does.What a gift!

  Since returning from my trip to Seattle I have received many questions regarding the foods that I enjoy.
 I've decided to include that info in each of my posts along with whatever Simple Pleasures come my way :)

  I have learned along this journey that the road to healthy happiness begins with the foods we use to nourish our bodies, yet the rewards stretch far beyond the weight loss and renewed health. A gentle shift begins to take place as you include more whole living foods into your day. It is subtle and sweet and seems to fill a void for me that I wasn't quite aware was there. I feel more peaceful, more at home in my own body. It is truly a gift!

 I encourage anyone setting out on their own path to try and listen to your body, really listen.When I'm hungry, I don't ignore that feeling like I did in my dieting days.I have a kitchen stocked with healthy choices and snacks I carry in my purse at all times .I am a happier person when my tummy is full! I have also learned to stop eating when I am satisfied, because I just don't feel well when I am stuffed. Many of the foods I eliminated along the way have been foods that left me feeling bloated, bogged down or uncomfortable, it was that simple. I learned, slowly but surely, to trust the cues my body was giving me. It is a gradual process that happens naturally and it has made a world of difference in the food choices I make today.

I am always in awe of the vibrant colors of whole natural foods! The food is a beautiful as it is delicious and I sometimes wonder if it's beauty just adds to the taste!
This is what I have enjoyed to day so far  :)

Cantaloupe & Romaine juice.... I started incorporating green juices into my day about 2 months ago and love to start my day with them!

Green smoothie.... I threw together what I had left in the fridge ~ time to go grocery shopping! I enjoyed this throughout the day.

romaine lettuce
dandelion greens
few strawberries
coconut water

Beautiful Green Salad
 I love to really dress up my salads with fruit and seeds & sprouts! I so enjoy the vibrant colors and fresh tastes of my foods, it makes every bite a delight!!

heirloom orange tomatoes
green apple
pomegranate seeds
sunflower seeds

splash virgin olive oil
juice1/2 lime 


                                                  ~**~  EXCITING NEWS   ~**~
                                                 I've recently published my first Ebook!! 

 My book walks you through my journey over the past year and a half as I share how I lost 120 pounds and have found the inner happiness and healthy lifestyle I believe I was always meant to live. My story tells of how green smoothies and incorporating raw living foods into my diet have transformed my life forever. This has been a lifestyle change involving mind, body and spirit and has taken me down a path I never thought was possible. At 53 years old I am happier and healthier than I have ever been. My passion for this lifestyle is one I need to share and my hopes are that this story of my journey, my weight loss recipes as well as inspirational information may help others find their healthier, happier lifestyle too.

I hope you enjoy it!!

*~* Hugs *~*

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