Monday, September 26, 2011

Simple Pleasures Through Glorious Greens ~ my Ebook!! :)

  I am over the moon excited about a project that I have just completed! 

  I have just published an Ebook that follows my journey of renewed health & weight loss for the past year and a half. It talks of the changes that have occurred for me in mind, body & spirit that all began with my glorious green smoothies! In it you will also find my favorite smoothie recipes and recipes for other foods I enjoy today.

It is truly a labor of love and I hope it will be helpful to anyone that is on their own journey or thinking of starting down the path to healthy happiness.....

May I ask a favor? If you do chose to buy my book, would you please leave me a little comment down below so I can thank you personally ~  that is one of life's Simple Pleasures :)

Much Love & Gratitude

Here's the Link  :)  



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