Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day :)

Happy Labor Day  :)

 I can't believe the summer is winding down already... Summer always seems to have a speed of it's own, the way it flies by in the wink of an eye. I know it's not officially summer's end, but already you can feel Fall in the air. To this day the cooler mornings remind me of heading back to grammar school and give me that familiar little pit in my stomach! Still, after all these years, isn't that funny?

 This past week we spent a few days in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia and it was a lovely way to finish up the summer!

 I haven't really traveled much other than 3 amazing weeks going cross country when I was 18   :)
That was many moons ago, but to this day was a highlight of my younger days!! The travel bug bit while I was exploring Mexico and California, I swore I would return to Northern California to live one day. Well, that never did happen, but I do hope to visit there in the next few years or take an extended trip out West after I retire.... Retire ~ there's a word that packs a lot of punch... A lovely thought to ponder, having my time free to do as I please.Yet the reality of the years passing by gives me that same little knot on my stomach that the beginning of the school season does. Well, time waits for no one so I best continue to make each day the best day I can possibly have!

Oh yes,back to my trip to Virginia  :)

 It was a 7 hour ride, a little longer than I expected but well worth the trip. The mountains of Virginia are a sight to behold! Each overlook at Shenandoah held a different view of the mountain peaks and valleys. The overlooks are scenic stops along Skyline drive, which passes through the park from one end to the other. Fabulous views at every turn, like nothing I had seen before.Another sight I had never seen before were bears! Three of them in the space of 5 minutes, all crossing the road. I had no idea that this was "bear country" and was a tad startled to learn that we were sharing the park with them. But after those first few glimpses I didn't see another one the rest of the time. Admiring bears from afar would be fine, I'd just prefer not meeting them up close and personal. Camping in the park is low key and exceptionally quiet. The stars were phenomenal and a nightly fire kept my slightly shivering bones nice and toasty. It was chilly at night but the gorgeous surroundings made up for the chill in the air and kept the evenings bug free. We only spent 3 days in Virginia but it was a wonderful trip! Sometimes I ponder just how easy it is to not to take to the road and explore, I do love my own backyard too. But this short little adventure proved  that the extra effort is worth all the hours on the road. Our country is so beautiful and I look forward to enjoying more of it in time...

It was a wonderful trip and I'm happy to say that the travel bug has hit this household! Next up is a week in Seattle and the International Day of Juice Feasting on Sept.18th!
I'm really excited about not only all the festivities, which will be an amazing experience in itself, but also a chance to visit one more state that I have never ventured to! 

Wishing everyone a Healthy Happy Labor Day!

Enjoy :)

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