Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Update on things to come

 Summer's in full swing and like all of us, I'm trying to squeeze a years worth of activities into the few summer months that always fly by so quickly... 

 This is just a quick update to say that although the past few weeks have kept me a little more occupied than usual, I will be back in full swing here very soon! I am thinking of doing things just a little differently here. I started this blog to share info on the many ways I've added joy to my life by choosing a healthier lifestyle, in particular the food choices that I've enjoyed along my weight loss journey. I've found that because I eat such nutrient dense foods, I eat so very simply that there hasn't been many new recipes to share lately. Especially in the summer when I am enjoying the abundance of fruits, veggies and greens in the most simple ways. 

 In the past year and a half I've developed a passion for gathering healthy recipes and now have more than you can imagine! I only choose recipes that really appeal to me but I rarely take the time to actually make many of them. So I think this would be a good way for me to take the time to prepare one or two of these recipes a week and share them here. This will be really beneficial for me and perhaps helpful to any of you that are looking for new, healthy & nutritious recipes. They will always be simple to prepare because that's the way I enjoy foods myself. I'm really excited about this :)
I look forward to sharing a few that I've been anxious to try really soon and would love to see some of your favorites here too!!

Have a fabulous day ~ enjoy the sunshine  :)

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