Tuesday, March 12, 2013

3 Years of Healthy Happiness ~ Thriving on Glorious Greens!

Happy Anniversary to me!
Celebrating 3 years of  Healthy Happiness ~ Thriving on Green Goodness!

 The time has passed quickly and I'm still amazed at all the changes that have taken place during this time. I have learned so much about nourishing my body and I try to incorporate all that I've learned into my life. This is a lifelong journey and I love the path I'm on! It's been a wonderful 3 years full of growth, new experiences and whole lot of fun :)   And it all started with Green Smoothies!

At 54 I am the best me yet! I feel wonderful, better than I ever did when I was younger. Who would have ever thought?  :)
Not only am I half the size I was 3 years ago (which I am still trying to wrap my head around) but I am healthy... Really healthy! What a blessing this is. After a 20 year struggle with Lyme disease, I have been completely symptom free for 3 years now! In fact, I have not really been sick at all, not even a cold... Medication free too!  No more heavy duty doses of antibiotics, nor the prevacid which I took for years also. It simply amazes me that the food we eat truly does affect us in such profound ways. Also, I easily let go of my wine, which had become a daily habit and a very unhealthy one at that. I firmly believe all this was possibly because of the green smoothies!

 Adding green smoothies into my days started a wonderful chain of events that I was not prepared for. First, my palate changed, slowly but surely, and I completely lost my taste for junk and processed foods. What a surprise! I felt so energetic without these foods that I didn't miss them a bit! I started craving fruits and veggies and began eating them regularly. It surprised me how much I enjoyed them, because I was never a big fan of all those healthy foods. I grew up on canned veggies and the only green I was familiar with was iceberg lettuce. Suddenly I couldn't get enough of them. Fruits and veggies, along with my green smoothies, always kept me full and satisfied and I never, ever felt deprived. Along the way I let go of meat and eventually dairy because I just didn't feel well after eating them. They would just knock all the energy out of me. I eliminated foods that made me feel sluggish because I didn't want anything to get in the way of how amazing and alive I felt, and feel, to this day. It's that simple!

  For the past 3 years I've enjoyed a diet rich in whole living foods. Green smoothies, fresh green juice, fruits & salads are the mainstay of my diet. I love the way I eat now and feel this is exactly how I was meant to live! Today I feel balanced, centered and comfy in my own skin. These are things I have searched for my entire life..... I am so blessed!

                                                  Healthy & Happy ~ Life is good!
 Here's to another year of health & joy ~  Keeping it Simple & Keeping it Green!
*~* Hugs *~*

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