Sunday, March 4, 2012

Simply Salads

Not sure what to have for dinner? 
You can never go wrong with a salad!
I love salad!
Salads don't have to be boring.
They're vibrant & alive ~ always pretty and appealing.
I like to dress mine up with all sorts of things that make them burst with a myriad of colors and flavors!
Start with your greens ~ there are so many to choose from! 
Spinach, kale, lettuce, bok choy, arugula,endive and fennel,to name a few of my favorites. 
Dress it up with apple or pear, tangerines, avocados, grapes or pomegranate seeds... Walnuts or almonds, goji berries and raisins, cranberries or pine nuts.... In the summer I like to add berries or peaches... Sunflower or pumpkin seeds are a nutritious,delicious toppings along with sprouts. Sprouts are a powerhouse of nutrition and so tasty and alive. I always top my salads with sprouts! 
Peppers! The colors of the rainbow, talk about vibrant colors & each are tastier than the next! Shredding carrots on top is a nice touch and you can't forget tomatoes and cucumbers! How can a salad ever be boring? Fruits and veggies are a mainstay of my diet and there's no better way to enjoy them regularly than to create a nutritious, delicious salad!

Have Fun ~ Be Creative ~ The possibilities are endless!

 I find that preparing a pretty salad is a way of tapping into my creativity. Often I look to see what color would compliment what I already have prepared and this leads me to add something I may never have thought of otherwise. This is how I happened upon figs! I had some dried figs for munching on and they made a fabulous topping to compliment the grapefruit on one of the salads below. It's so important for my food to be colorful and attractive in order for me to really enjoy it. 

Nothing lends it's self better to that than a big, beautiful salad! 

Salad dressing
 I like to create light, simple dressings that compliment the tastes of the salads I put together. 
Sometimes I squeeze a lime on top, or blend a little of whatever fruit I've included to create a dressing.
I love the combination of tart and sweet, so my favorite dressing is fresh lime juice and a little honey!
Chopped fresh ginger adds a nice kick to that or sometimes a little garlic powder or turmeric.
Just like salads, there's no need for a recipe when it comes to dressing. Be creative!
If anyone would like to share a favorite dressing, that would be fun! 

     Always remember ~ there are no rules! Have fun with it when making salads! 
Tap into your intuitive side, your creative side! 
 *~* And always be sure to enjoy your delicious, nutritious works of art *~*  


  1. I am on diet these days :( and eat this salad as much as possible :)

  2. I'm so happy to hear that HR!! I love creating new salads with with whatever I have around the house and based on what I feel like I eating that day. It's fun and always delicious!
    Thanks for leaving your comment :)



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