Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Inspire and be Inspired... Hopes & dreams for a wonderful year ahead.

 Happy New Year!

  My wish for each & everyone of us is an amazing year full of good health & much joy. Let's all work towards our goals to make our dreams come true and reach for the stars. Let's dream big and believe that all we hope to achieve this year is absolutely within our reach! Let's be inspired and offer inspiration to those around us, because really, isn't that what life is about? When we encourage others with our love & support we are touching someplace deep inside ourselves that will shine forth our own bright lights! Giving of ourselves freely whenever possible will reward us with abundance and fill our hearts with joy.

 2011 was a wonderful year for me! I was given many opportunities to share the joys I've found through embracing a new & healthy lifestyle, and I feel blessed for that. Once I was self conscious and fearful of speaking in public or having the focus on myself, but now I am becoming more comfortable with that. I am learning that pushing through my insecurities is giving me strength and self esteem I once only dreamed of.
More important is the knowledge that sharing my experiences is truly helping others. Others who are searching for the vibrant health and happiness that we are all put on this earth to enjoy.

I look forward to many new and exciting opportunities this upcoming year. Ways to continue to share how the healing power of green smoothies and a diet rich in whole living foods has changed my life! I do this in hopes of offering inspiration, guidance and education for those staring out on the same path.

I'm excited to share that I have joined a friend in opening an online community for just that purpose! The intent is to have a comfortable atmosphere to meet like minded people and share stories, experiences, ask questions and gather information. We have people that are fully immersed in the raw food lifestyle as well as many who are just starting out. This project is in beginning stages and a daily work in progress so we would love for you to join us on the ground floor! The website is  Raw Inspiration Daily ~  I love that name  :)

We can build on this together.  We can inspire ~ be inspired ~ inform ~ be inform ~ enthuse & be enthused together! 

Anyone & everyone interested in renewed health, weight loss & living a vibrant energetic life will be an asset to our community!   Hope to see you there  :)

We are a member-based community offering support, inspiration, and guidance

 to those enjoying a simple approach to eating live fresh foods.

At this time I will continue sharing on this blog also. My heart and soul has gone into this blog and I still love it so. I hope you will continue to enjoy my blog Simple Pleasures and visit our new community too!

 *~* Hugs *~* 


  1. Hi Kathy,

    My name is Dana and I'm a writer for FIRST for Women magazine. I'm working on an article about juicing for weight loss and am looking for success stories from women to feature. (Wendy Campbell actually referred me to you.)

    Would you be willing to share your story with us? Please contact me at dsquilla@bauerpublishing.com and let me know if you'd like to... thanks and looking forward to hearing from you!


    1. I would be delighted to share my story with you Dana!!
      I'll be in touch today.



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